Body Contouring

The goal of body contouring treatments is to reshape, tone, and tighten parts of the body to give it a more defined and lean look.

Laser Lipo


Laser Lipo is a non-invasive, fat burning, pain-free treatment that melts fat and inches in under an hour. Fat tissue is targeted using low levels of visible red laser light and invisible infrared. This stimulation mimics the physiological response of exercise by draining the content of fat cells. The whole body vibration plate accelerates the removal of released fat by helping with lymphatic drainage.

Laser Lipo does not produce any abnormal effects in the body or damage body tissues such as cells, blood vessels or neighboring nerves or vital organs. In clinical tests 95% of participants lost an average of 3.7 inches around the abdomen, and 2-3 sizes. Dietary and lifestyle changes will help support and maintain treatment goals.

Treatment Areas: Double Chin, Arms, Stomach, Baby Bulge, Abdomen, Man Chest (moobs), Elbows, Ankles, Thighs, Knees, Hips, Back (upper & lower), Butt Lift

Bonus Effects Besides Fat Loss: Skin Tightening, Cellulite Reduction, Stretch Mark Reduction, Lifting of Belly Overhang, Lymphatic Drainage, Detoxification, Increased Metabolism, Toning, Increased Bone Density, Increased Libido, Increased Energy

Try Before You Buy


Consultation & 1 Treatment on area of choice* (over $200 value!)

Slim Down Package


Abdomen (including love handles), Thighs, Butt, or Back*

Tighten Up Package



Chin Melt Package



Man Chest Package



Add-On or Touch-Up Sessions


Additional sessions after a package is completed

Brazilian Butt Lift


Our Brazilian Butt Lift procedure uses vacuum lift technology to break up stubborn bands of cellulite and fat by following lymphatic drainage pathways. Through a series of comfortable massage-like strokes, we are able to displace unwanted fat to more desirable areas to achieve the appearance of a fuller, rounder, and lifted buttocks without spending hours in the gym! Our non-invasive, pain-free butt lift will leave you with smoother, simple-free thighs and a high and tight derriere!

We recommend a minimum of 8 treatments with additional touch ups as needed. Number of treatments needed will depend on area treated and desired results. Results are lasting with diet and lifestyle. Touch up maintenance is recommended once a year or as needed.

*Clients must have fat and/or cellulite to work with. Treatments are not meant to create a "bubble butt" on slender clients with no thigh fat to displace. Schedule a free consultation if you are unsure if this is a good treatment for you.

Try Before You Buy


Consultation & 1 Treatment

Mini Lift Package


8 Treatments - Recommended for those with minimal cellulite and body fat who still want a lifted, full rump.

Bubble Butt Package


12 Treatments - Recommended for those with a little more jiggle looking to create firmer thighs and a cute bubble butt.

Bootylicious Package


16 Treatments - Serious results for those with more junk in the trunk or just for those looking for extra treatments for the highest, tightest booty possible.

Phat Booty Add-On

$150.00 each

Additional sessions after a package is completed.

Skin Tightening


This non-surgical treatment uses heat to naturally boost collagen production, which shapes the body, smooths out cellulite, tightens sagging skin, and reduces wrinkles with no pain or downtime. The treatment is safe for all ethnicities, even darker complexions. Treatments are generally done once a week for 8 weeks.

Treatable areas include:

Face, Neck, Hands, Arms, Abdomen, Bra Line, Flanks, Buttocks, Thighs, & Calves.

Single Treatment per area

Face or Neck



Package of 6 Treatments per area



Package of 8 Treatments per area

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